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Care From a Distance: Choosing Care Management During COVID-19

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The providers of Georgetown home health care services and care in the surrounding area suggest care management during COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly concerning for older individuals and their family members. Seniors are disproportionately affected by the virus, especially those with underlying health concerns like COPD and heart issues. In order to maintain social distancing and decrease contact with potential contagions, many older adults have become progressively isolated from their loved ones. Without routine socialization and attentive care, loneliness and depression as well as memory issues linked to dementia and other diseases can creep in. In response to these challenging circumstances, many seniors and their families are choosing to seek the help of care management during COVID-19.

Care managers help families make sure that their senior loved one is safe and cared for, even in extraordinary times such as these. Care management services can be a great help when it comes to coordinating hospital appointments and in-home care so that your loved one has access to prompt care in spite of social distancing constraints. Care management during COVID-19 presents its own challenges, but care managers are up to date and compliant with COVID-19 regulations, and use their expert knowledge to help your loved one live safer and more comfortably at home. They can provide moral support in challenging times and help with the finer details of care so that you can rest easy knowing your loved one is well taken care of. With a care manager working on the ground and communicating with you directly, you will know what’s going on in your loved one’s life despite the distance and be empowered to make decisions about their care.

Care management services can cover a broad range of offerings, such as:

● Evaluating care needs and implementing in-home care services

● Coordinating medical appointments and arranging transportation

● Advocating for the senior to health care providers

● Arranging respite care to give family caregivers a break

● Making referrals to financial and legal specialists as required

● Assisting with living arrangement transitions

● Facilitating crisis management in case of emergency

The care management team at CareFor is experienced and ready to help a senior in your life. Our care managers will carefully assess your loved one’s holistic mental, emotional, and physical health in order to offer streamlined, accessible solutions. Our care management team is fully integrated with our full service home care, ensuring smooth transitions and clear communication.

If you are ready to discover how care management services can enrich the life of a senior you love, contact us for a free care consultation. You can contact us online or reach us at (512) 338-4533 to find out more about our Georgetown home health care services and care services in the surrounding areas.

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