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A woman utilizes time management tips for caregivers as she makes a note in her daily planner.
Top Time Management Tips for Caregivers
A woman sits in a wheelchair as her caregiver kneels beside her, preparing to safely transfer her to prevent caregiving injuries.
Learn How to Prevent These Common Caregiving Injuries
A caregiver utilizes techniques for safe lifting and transfers at home as she helps an older woman get out of bed.
Essential Tips for Safe Lifting and Transfers at Home
A woman discusses issues she has come across as a family caregiver as she explores the benefits of family therapy in senior caregiving.
Healing Through Unity: The Impact of Family Therapy in Senior Caregiving
A woman discusses issues she has come across as a family caregiver as she explores the benefits of family therapy in senior caregiving.
Understanding and Addressing Depression in Older Adults
An older man leans on a walker, likely diagnosed with either Parkinson’s or dementia with Lewy bodies.
Is It Parkinson’s or Dementia With Lewy Bodies?
An older man who has learned about the link between exercise and Parkinson’s smiles as he leans on a treadmill.
The Astounding Link Between Exercise and Parkinson’s
A cartoon of an older man walking his dog on a rainbow road towards another older man reading a newspaper signifies the importance of cultural competence.
Cultural Competence: What It Is and Why It Matters
A woman who is part of the community of LGBTQ+ seniors holds up a rainbow flag.
Overcoming Common Hurdles Faced by LGBTQ+ Seniors
A woman receiving 24-hour care smiles confidently with her caregiver by her side.
Peace of Mind Around the Clock With 24-Hour Care
An older man receives assistance to get out of bed with the help of his live-in caregiver.
Is Live-In Care Best for Someone You Love?
An older man, practicing senior mentoring, points out the parts of a piece of equipment to a young man.
How to Promote Purpose and Meaning Through Senior Mentoring
An older woman is creating a legacy by sharing pictures and stories with her daughter and granddaughter.
8 Steps to Creating a Legacy
Noticing Care Needs During the Holidays? Take These 5 Steps.
An older man struggling with seasonal affective disorder gazes out the window and offers a halfhearted wave .
How to Recognize and Manage Seasonal Affective Disorder
A woman who knows how to process the emotions of caring for someone with dementia hugs her mother as they gaze out at the ocean.
How to Process the Emotions of Caring for Someone With Dementia
A woman comforts an older woman who is encountering one of the factors that can make Alzheimer’s worse.
5 Factors That Can Make Alzheimer’s Worse
Knowing what to expect after a traumatic brain injury helps caregivers know how to better help a loved one.
What to Expect After a Traumatic Brain Injury
Understanding how each part of the brain is impacted by a TBI is the first step towards helping someone you love better manage their particular challenges.
How Each Part of the Brain Is Impacted by a TBI
An outline of a brain is filled with colorful, healthy foods, indicating the link between nutrition and dementia.
The Surprising Link Between Nutrition and Dementia
An older woman and her caregiver are at the grocery store, shopping for the right kinds of foods to overcome the leading senior nutrition problems.
The Leading Senior Nutrition Problems and How to Help
Smiling woman using ALS care tips to help a senior man with a walker, who is also smiling.
The 5 ALS Care Tips You Need to Know
Different medications surround a syringe, indicating various treatments for each stage of ALS.
What Can You Expect in Each Stage of ALS?
Doctor Making Heart Shape With Hands
What to Do After Heart Surgery for Optimal Healing
Senior woman in wheelchair and arm sling
How to Ensure a Smooth Transition Home From the Hospital
cancer patient comforted by family
How to Help Ease the Side Effects of Cancer Treatment
A diverse group of women supporting breast cancer awareness.100% of our proceeds from 2011 sales will be donated to breast cancer awareness organizations chosen by a breast cancer patient within this shoot. .
The Best Ways to Support Someone With Cancer
Stressed senior woman talking with female
What to Do When Siblings Won’t Help With Caring for Parents
Happy African American couple at successful visit psychologist
The Benefits of an Elder Mediator When Caring for Aging Parents
Senior couple at home in kitchen
The Subtle (and Not So Subtle) Signs That a Senior Is Resistant to Care
Caregiver and senior woman talking
Why Seniors Resist Home Care: The Top Answer May Surprise You!
5 Steps to Better Management of Kidney Disease
The Best and Worst Foods for Kidney Disease
What Is a Geriatric Care Evaluation, and How Can It Help Aging Loved Ones?
Home Care Services Can Be an Effective Alternative to Assisted Living
Protecting Older Loved Ones From Bed Sores
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