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Contagion is real and the stakes are huge. Self-preservation is at an all-time-high in light of Covid-19. Fear of the virus consumes our world, especially anyone operating in the healthcare arena. You hunker down to protect yourself, surrendering much of what brought joy throughout your life: family, friends, travel, dining out, hugs, and even something as simple as shaking hands.

Your risk comes from other human beings, the very embodiment of joy. Sadness looms like a dark and ominous cloud. I know, because like many, I have felt this heaviness as never before.

Today I became aware of a new infection. It’s been flourishing in my company since the start of the pandemic. However, my grieving for the past left me incapable of naming it.

Positivity, as contagious as any illness. And I’m not talking about positive words of encouragement. No, this is something much more. It’s the positivity that emanates from deep in the soul. The heartfelt belief that the future holds personal growth, best fertilized by adversity. Confidence that every challenge is simply a unique opportunity to be met with vigor. And the commitment that there is abundant positivity, capable of dragging us naysayers through the knothole to the brighter side.

The leadership team at CareFor demonstrates this, in good days and in bad. As we struggle with escalating Covid in Texas, I watch Megan Lawhon and Catherine Vergara varnish our landscape with positivity. Not achieved by spreading rainbows and puppy dogs among the team. It is done by making eye-contact with reality, communicating truth, fortitude, and positivity. It is CareFor’s blessing to be lead by women who have realistic positivity woven into their very fiber. Magnificent!

CareFor Austin Senior Care Owner
Debbie Pearon, RN
Founder, CareFor

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