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Protection of the Elderly

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Protection of the elderly is top of mind in the time of Covid-19. We have all become astute on how to provide the physical protection needed. But, what about the emotional refuge? For that, we are challenged to apply protections of the heart, previously the purview of family members and friends, people who have become “untouchables” to manage physical protection and mitigate risk. When children, grandchildren, and loved ones are kept away, who steps in to touch and comfort? That’s where we see our caregivers at CareFor become warriors. The right caregiver is not there to merely follow a plan of care. They are there to craft a cocoon unique to that one individual. Again and again, they are proving to be the heroes with the power to soften the sting of physical isolation. Today, I received thoughts from a daughter who said it beautifully. With her permission, I’ll share her note.

“Beverly is always upbeat with Mom, smiling at everything Mom says, asking Mom questions about Mom’s childhood, and listening to Mom’s stories. She laughs often, which helps bring sunshine into Mom’s life. Beverly has given Mom an incredible amount of help with the computer, which has come in so handy since we are unable to go into Mom’s house right now. Beverly even drew, on her own time, and set of picture instructions for how Mom could access Zoom on her computer. In addition, on her own time, Beverly made a list of things that Mom would need should she have to go to the hospital. Beverly has notified us in a very timely manner whenever there seems to be anything amiss with Mom’s health, which has been invaluable.”

The heart of CareFor bursts with pride at our warrior caregivers, putting themselves at risk on the front lines, and demonstrating grace under pressure. They are the true heroes.
CareFor Austin Senior Care Owner
Debbie Pearson, RN
Founder, CareFor

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